Hi, this is Cindy Jo, Wife of David, Mother of Michael David, Melissa Mae and Michelle Marie and Grandmother to Johnathan Michael and Malachi David. This web site is dedicated to Our Angel Michelle and our Family.

~ My Brightest Shining Star in The Heavens ~

~ Michelle Marie Greever ~

~ August 24th 1984 ~ November 5th 1993 ~

~ Organ Donor ~

This Web Site is in LOVING MEMORY of our Angel and youngest daughter Michelle Marie. I also have web pages dedicated to our entire family and pets listed and highlighted at the end of this page for you, so don't miss the rest of us! :-) For now, I would like to share about Michelle Marie, who was and always will be a "shining star in our lives...Michelle was the "life" in life... She was a most loving little daughter and loved her world and everything in it. Most of all Michelle loved God. Michelle was always happy and always giving. She was an incredible musician, artist and singer. For one so young, her life was fully lived with peace, tranquility and love.Michelle is truly my "BRIGHTEST SHINING STAR!"

Michelle gave her all in her life and in her death. Five lives were saved and two men now see because Michelle was an organ and cornea donor. One of fourteen in this region, the Inland Northwest, for 1993.

Michelle parted when she was struck by a car as she attempted to board her school bus. She was struck on her back and never knew what happened, and for this we are grateful. Michelle didn't have to suffer.

Michelle had the most precious sparkling big green eyes and long silky auburn hair. Her smile was radiant.She was delicate and petite. She loved everything in life and about life. Michelle was always mommy's little helper and liked to do things on her own to help others, on her own. She loved to perform plays and skits dressing the role of different characters including cats, clowns, Indians, witches and various others, always making up her own costumes and doing her own make-up. Michelle did this like a professional, somehow, always amazing onlookers and family alike.

Michelle loved to play her keyboard which she did using both hands like a pro, yet never having lessons. Michelle also wrote some songs and could play others by ear with no music sheets to help her. Michelle loved to create things from scraps, using fabrics, buttons, empty film containers, etc. The night before she went to Heaven which was November 4th, she made a manger using graham crackers and orange yarn from which she fashioned a star she called, "The Star of David", then she made a salt shaker from a plastic film container, and a small quilted Christmas tree. Here was a Thanksgiving and Christmas theme, complete with a basket of offerings and a little turkey she made, and all done the night of November 4th, her last night of this earth... This was the last picture I took of her, 12 hours before she entered Heaven, she with the manger, salt shaker, little quilted Christmas tree and little gobbler she had made...I always think of in the Bible where they mention "THE SALT AND THE LIGHT..." as the salt was the salt shaker she made and labeled and the light was the star on the manger...

Michelle loved to memorize Bible scripture and draw pictures of God and her family. The last verse Michelle memorized from the Bible days before she parted and after six years of memorizing Bible scripture was John 10:28-29 about ETERNAL LIFE... "I give them eternal life, and they should never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no once can snatch them out of my Father's hand..."

Michelle assured me that when we die it is only our shell that perishes, and to look for the brightest star if she were to die before me and that she would be smiling down on me until we joined for eternity.

Michelle's last picture and letter to me were beautiful. She told me she loved me and to have sweet dreams. Michelle drew a little girl on a smiling moon, above her a stairway and stars and the sun. Here is the drawing and letter she gave me days before she parted.

Michelle loved the old days also. Michelle was truly remarkable for one so young. I will always be proud of her and share her precious life with others for she lived her life to the fullest. I will always love her, until we join for eternity, twinkling together in the Heavens as we sparkled when together here on earth... I will never forget her loving and most beautiful ways, she is truly


Below is a picture of all our children taken in June 1991. In this picture Michael is 11, Melissa is 10 and Michelle is nearly 7.

Here is our Michelle Marie almost 7. This picture of Michelle was taken July 4th 1991 in our back yard, Michelle was watching the small fireworks we displayed that evening! I think she looks so much like an ANGEL...

Our Family Portrait taken June 22nd 2001. Gams,(Cindy) Gamps,(Dave) Our Grandson Johnathan, (almost 4 months) Our Son Mike, Proud daddy to JohnJohn and Brother to Melissa, (our daughter). I know Michelle can see us from up above and blesses us still with her unending love!!

Our Son Michael David and his son Johnathan Michael, Our Grandson! June 22nd 2001.

Our Son Michael David and our Daughter, Melissa Mae.June 22nd 2001.

Cindy, Dave and Shelby...June 22nd 2001.

Don't you think Michelle is a Proud Auntie to her Nephew Johnathan?? Here Johnathan is almost four months old! June 22nd 2001.

Mike and Melissa and Baby Johnathan...March 2001.


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Our family picture taken in June of 1991.

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