Johnathan Michael Greever's Page ( Our Grandson!!~)

Teresa Cuevas and Michael Greever announce the birth of Johnathan Michael Greever --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born: Monday, February 26, 2001 Weight: 7 pounds, 14 ounces Length: 19 inches At Valley Hospital and Medical Center in Spokane, WA

Here is our NEW Grandson, our FIRST Grandchild, Our *Little Tough Guy* Johnathan Michael Greever, at one day old, picture taken February 27th 2001 by the nurses at Valley Hospital where Johnathan was born!

Johnathan Michel is our very first Grandchild and true miracle and blessing from *Above..* His proud Mommy is Teresa Cuevas and his Proud Daddy is Michael David Greever! Johnathan was born beaneath the light of the moon on Monday night, February 26th 2001 at Valley Medical Center in Spokane, Washington. Johnathan has lots of family, there is his Great Great Grandma Emma and His Grandma Dee, Great Grandma Oma and Annabelle, Great Grandpa Les Bruens, Great Aunts Becky and Belinda and Great Uncle Les, Aunt Melissa and Angel Aunt Michelle, (who watched from Heaven above where she is an Angel smiling down upon us all!) There is his Grandpa Dave and Grandma Cindy Jo! Just to name a few, we are all family and all here to lovingly embrace our new little miracle *Johnathan Michael Greever!*

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