Happy Sweet *16th* Birthday
Angel Michelle
Blossomed on Earth
August 24,1984


Dear Michelle~ My Angel Girl~
Born just before my Birthday~Sweet little "Michelle" my Birthday present!"
My youngest child, my sweet little baby girl, how you changed my world!
As years went by I would always say~
"Michelle in the year 2000 you will be Sweet 16!
A whole new millenium and Sweet 16!" Such a very special Birthday!
You were a most beautiful baby
And became a most special young lady~
Your green eyes always sparkling,
A smile always upon your face...
Your heart was always everyplace...
What was my life with you?
And how am I living my life without you?
My present you were, my present you will always be~
My Sweet Little Angel Michelle Marie~
Where have the years gone?
How have I managed to hold on?
Without you here with me physically!~
Yet your soul abides with me eternally~
And one sweet day when I am set free
In each other's arms we'll be for eternity...
My beautiful Daughter for her Sweet *16th* Birthday~
My Birthday present you will always be
So much love you have shown and given to me~
I will always love you~
My beautiful Daughter,

Michelle Marie... Love, Mommy
~July 20th 2000~

The Gift
You came into my world all quiet peace and wonder.
Until that time, I only thought I had felt love.
A tiny precious infant whose sweetness drew me under
then sent my spirit soaring high above.
First I gave you your life, then you gave me mine.
An unexpected gift of motherhood.
We two are gently wrapped in the sacred tie that binds,
for you opened up my heart when no one could.

(c) Janis Chrissikos All Rights Reserved