Michelle's Coleus ~ Poem by CindyJo Greever
Michelle's Coleus ~ Poem by CindyJo Greever ~ March 4th 2006

This Species of Coleus is named "Hurricane Louise" and is the one Michelle grew for me in school.~

~ The Coleus Seed ~

Once upon a time ~ A long, long time ago There lived the sweetest little girl that you could ever know ~

This little girl was a treasure to her family and friends Always loving beyond measure and steadfast to her ends ~

One day at school she planted a tiny little coleus seed Her plant grew so beautifully, then she proudly gave it to her beloved Mommy ~

It was long ago on Mother's Day Back in 1993 Who then would have ever known ~ What joy this plant would always be ~

She was only eight when she planted that tiny little seed None of us then knew her fate, What a few more months would bring

The plant was nurtured and adored with every fiber of her mother's being And when this little girl had died, what comfort and joy this plant would bring

The years went on and the plant stayed strong, It grew with such beauty and meaning, And continued to daily touch the very core of her Mother's being

Some fourteen years had come and gone, one day it seemed the time had come The plant was bound to die, it had Lived its life, and there were no questions why

But could they be given some renewed hope, some faith to assure them now As this plant had served so long and it's continued life was this mother's vow?

What that they could find another to somehow tide them along A new beginning perhaps, as a reminder of the old?

A cherished living reminder of her sweet love and song The very seed that she had planted such a very long time ago?

Hearts searched on for a new seed but one could not be found To ever come close to the one, she so long ago had planted lovingly in it's ground

Days went by, hope diminished, they'd have to settle for another To remind them of the "One" seed brought long ago to her beloved Mother

That Mother's Day back in 1993 when the little girl now in Heaven This plant had so joyfully nurtured and then so lovingly given

But this story is not over for there is joy yet waiting to be discovered And when they thought all had been tried an Angel led a new seed to her very Mother!

Found tucked inside a can that had been closed up tight for years Long forgotten by her Mother were the very seeds from the plant of her tiny little peer

From a past time so dear when the plant grew and prospered here The Angel had spoken and led her Mother there

The message from her Daughter, it was so loud and clear Life does not end Mom! It just starts over! She said with a cheer!

And so the seed was planted, the one from it's mothers vine It would grow and prosper to forever remind

That life is Eternal and Forever, so never lose hope! The little girl was still working from her place in Heaven called Home!

And so it was decreed for this tiny little seed Because you see it truly happened, and it happened to me!

Lovingly Written In Loving Memory of My Youngest Daughter Michelle Marie August 1984 ~ November 1993

CindyJo Greever March 4th 2006 ~

These are the actual coleus seeds growing that I planted from Michelle's original coleus plant!!~

These are the actual coleus planted from Michelle's orginal coleus plant seeds!!~

Michelle 3 months old~


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