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Michelle Marie Greever
8/24/84 ~ 11/5/93

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~ Fall 1996 ~
Most Significant Dream

I would say the most significant dream I have ever had of Michelle was in 1996. Michelle was a baby in that dream with two umbilical cords, one on her belly and one on her back. Since Michelle was struck on her back by the car this dream to me represented a significant message of hope: First born to this life on earth by the typical umbilical cord in front and THEN born to ETERNAL life, that of the umbilical cord on her back, where she was struck, (leading her to Heaven). Michelle and I were extremely close and I thank God that he and Michelle gave me the gift of this very special and poignant dream to be reminded of Eternal Life. I also thank God that I loved Michelle with all of my heart and being all of the days of her earthly life. Michelle was a most loving, compassionate and giving child.."

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~ Winter 1997/1998 ~
Dream #1

The first dream is full color. It is summer out, a sunny and gorgeous day. I hear a baby crying and turn to see a small trailer parked out front by our water spicket. In the window I see a baby of maybe one year, sitting in a small plastic bath tub, on a table. I see Michelle steadying the baby repeatedly as the baby keeps trying to keep it's balance. Michelle picks up the baby and holds it in her arms like a mother and gently comes out and walks towards me, slowly and maturely, serenely. Michelle is wearing one of her favorite pink and white thin cotton summer dress with matching vest. She walks up to me as I walk towards her and we meet. I am SO surprised to see her and SO happy, I cry out, "Michelle, I have missed you since you died!!" She looks at me almost in disbelief and very puzzled, but sweetly, and she says, "Mommy, I didn't die!!"

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~ Winter 1997/1998 ~
Dream #2

Melissa, Michelle and I are out and about in my car, as we so often were when Michelle was alive. All of a sudden my car slams into reverse, I can't stop it!! I ask Melissa to help me stop it, she says she can't!! I am looking "backwards" through the rear window of my car and I see that we are going to hit a dock! We are NOT going to stop!! We go over the dock and plunge into the water!! SUDDENLY my car becomes a convertible and I think it will sink BUT it floats JUST LIKE A BOAT!! So the girls and I are floating, we are ALL FINE!! It is a beautiful day and this dream is also in color. I look in the back seat and notice my Bible is taking on water but we are not sinking!! That is all I remember, we all lived through this!!

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~ Winter 1997/1998 ~
Dream #3

Our entire family is back in California as we were in 1991, we are at the same hotel and I am happy to be able to wash our clothes, (just like I was back in 1991 when we finally got a place that had laundry facilities available!!) Anyways, this dream is in full color too and all of us are running around doing things. I notice then that Michelle is asleep, all covered up, including her head on the couch. When I see Michelle's body on the couch this scene is in black and white and misty looking. I walk towards Michelle and gently sit at her side. Michelle wakes up and uncovers her face, she turns to kiss me, and hug me. She tells me that she loves me and she is smiling sweetly, as she looks at me, she is calm and very happy. That is where this dream ends.

....My interpretations of these "water" dreams are In the first dream I could be the infant or perhaps Michelle is telling me that she is caring for infants in Heaven. I could be the infant as in Christ for I have not yet reached my completion for entrance to Heaven, another way to look at it. BUT either way Michelle is telling me that she is NOT DEAD!!!

In the second dream I believe it means that even as I "look back" and try to change what happened with her death that I couldnít stop the circumstances and Melissa couldnít either!! Like Michelle is assuring us that there was NOTHING we could do!! And Michelle is also reassuring us that we made it and so did she, maybe she didnít make it like we hoped she would on earth, in growing up and old but she made it in Heaven!! My car floating means I have conquered the grief and pain. That as we looked back there was nothing we could do to stop it!

The water signifies spiritualness, in all three cases, first the water spigot and the baby bath filled with water, then the lake we plunged into, with my Bible getting wet, it means "saturation of Godís word" penetrating my heart, lastly the water from the washing machine to cleanse our clothes!! Always water!

In the Bible they speak of "The Living Water" in John 4:10-14. It is beautiful....."But the water that I shall l give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life..." John 7:38 says, "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water." 1st John 5:8 says, "And there are three that bear witness on earth: The Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree as one."

Revelations 22:16-18 is very interesting to me because it reminds me of something else too, the manger Michelle made the night before she went to Heaven and when I asked her what the star on her manger represented she happily and quickly said, " The star of David!" So see how this scripture fits in with the water and the Star of David!! vs. 16: " I Jesus, have sent My Angel to testify to you these things in the churches, I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and morning star." vs.17- And the Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!" And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely."

Rev. 7:117 is interesting because about a year ago I dreamt I saw Michelle in a white robe walking along the edge of a high cliff by an ocean of water, she turned and walked toward the vast water, her back towards me as I awoke from this dream. If you read these verses you can see what I mean in Revelation 7:13-17!! I simply am stunned myself as I search in the Bible and find these verses about water...

And finally in the third dream where Michelle is asleep, to me it means that Michelle is resting happily but she takes the time to let me know she still loves me and always will! And though I may think she is just sleeping, she very much is "Aware" of me and her love for me and mine for her!! I feel comforted knowing that Michelle is letting us know in no uncertain terms that she and all the others in Heaven are very much alive in Paradise and that they love us and always will and that they are fine!!!!!

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~ My Most Profound Dream ~

My most profound recent dream was one in which I had decided on a burial place for my Michelle's urn, it was to be under our front entrance to our home's island with a bridge, underneath of it, I never actually did the burial of Michelle's urn, however, I had her urn in my hands and was decided on this.. (I have her urn in actuality in my home and will keep it here until I die and then we will go together to the cemetery.)

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~ March 24, 1999 ~

I dreamt I was on a flight somewhere and was talking to the stewardess and telling her about Michelle...I began to show her pictures of our children and then spoke about Michelle, somehow... in this dream, and yes I know it's going to sound strange ~ I had Michelle to show her Michelle, I picked her up out of the box and proudly gave her to this lady and I remember her auburn hair glowing in the light, I was so proud of her... Michelle appeared alive, and she was happy and acted JUST LIKE someone we know to be alive, she was acting like she was alive, and I said to the lady, "See, she was declared brain dead and she died and I started to count the months it had been... but I said to her, she is like she is alive!"

Actually I myself was amazed as I explained to her, and I sensed she didn't believe me that Michelle really had died, but I wasn't sure... I told the lady who was a stranger to me that this was my little girl, my Michelle, I remember holding her hand up and adoring her tiny little self, she had been 9, I told her, when she died but in this dream she seemed to look like a three or four year old, her hands were as small as a babies! I then noticed Michelle's eyes were brown, I told the lady that Michelle's eyes used to be green. Michelle was even able to eat.

I sat Michelle down on a chair as she had been running about and I scooped her up and sat her down, then she said to me very matter of factly, and like an older person with much wisdom... "Mommy... I want you to know that I can hear everything you say... I can hear everybody always Mommy... I love you very much Mommy, I love you all very much!!! Remember that, and I know you all love me too..."

Then I proceeded to brush my teeth and had the wrong toothbrush, it was a huge gold toothed toothbrush, almost like a metal brush for cleaning but flatter and smaller, I had fumbled for what seemed hours for the right toothbrush from my purse and finally found the right one and brushed my teeth.

Afterwards, we had to hurry and catch our next flight. Melissa, our daughter, was with me, I didn't know where we were going or even what time the flight left. I was in a big hurry. I was still VERY excited about Michelle and all that I had seen and heard from her...

We boarded this plane that was rickety in appearance, it was night, the walls of the plane were made of wafer board and it was seated like a school bus, the front of the plane was nice and elite as conventional planes usually are where the cockpit was.

We started to roll down the jetway and go up, I ran to the back of the plane to ask where we were going, the kids said different things, it was all students, Melissa was there but she herself wasn't much help to me, there was alot of confusion on my part though the students appeared comfortable and happy.. Suddenly we started to nose dive straight down, we came to a surprising bumpy landing but nothing bad happened, we started to roll in on the runway, a student said he would ask his dad nearby, who was working with wafer board where we were going, but instead the plane rolled by him and other workers and we started to ascend again. I never did find out where we were going but this was to be the second stop to take us to our destination and it was close by, a short journey..

Later I dreamt that we were near our home and there were railroad tracks next to it with a path for people to walk, I saw two men skating by through the fence and brush and trees, they scared me so I ducked, they were on the tracks, I was on the path next to the tracks.. I saw them disappear and was amazed this track and path was right next to our property as I had never seen it before.. Not too long later, I saw my mother, she was walking towards me in the opposite direction and just as our eyes met and we embraced, I turned and there was a juncture in the path with a bridge above it and out came my sister and her husband Brent with their baby in a stroller, mom stopped and said nothing as we then joined them too..

Next thing I knew we all found ourselves at a large open outdoor type festival, there were stages with wooden planked floors and at one to the right was a man handing Michelle a very large cluster of purple grapes, there were so many they were falling about her and she couldn't catch them all but she did walk to the back of the stage to the center of it and sit down holding one large cluster of grapes which she fed herself, at first her mouth bulging with them and then placing them one by one in her mouth more carefully..

I was amazed at what I saw, my tiny daughter as though she were alive once again and she was but she was brain dead and I knew it in my dream... Michelle said one more thing to me in a voice of wisdom again, she said "Mommy I have some more things to tell you..." she then looked away and said, "Now as for Melissa and Mark, they will be divorced.." she then acted like she was going to say more and she said not one more word.. I was hoping she would.

I was very attentive to this and wanted to hear more and have Michelle explain more but the dream ended here...

I never thought it would take me this long to explain this dream but now that I have I am puzzled by it, it is most unusual don't you agree?

The comfort I find in it has to do with Michelle letting me know she hears us all and she loves us all very much.. Then this morning there was an email on my mail that was about a little boy whose pet was put down because it was in pain and dying and the little boy surprised the vet by saying something the vet would never forget, he said... "I know, people are born to learn how to love and pets already know this so they don't live as long..."

I would say SOME Angel children are like this too in that they have learned to love so they don't have to live as long.. I have always believed this to be true about Michelle so this dream is comforting to me more than words can say.. Love is the reason we are here isn't it ? Some of our journeys are shorter because we have completed the mission much sooner, it isn't ours to ask why but to know and believe and trust...

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~ June 25, 1999 ~

Last night I had a most vivid dream of Michelle and her grey coat...

Before I explain the dream, I need to let you know these last details that occurred the morning Michelle parted and was struck by a car as she attempted to board her school bus, it was a sunny and crisp Friday morning on November 5th 1993.. (Michelle was 9 years, two months and twelve days old), she was in fourth grade.) Ironically Michelle was also conceived and BORN on a Friday morning AND it was a Friday morning today when I awoke from this dream!br>
When Michelle left for school the morning she parted, I asked her what coat she wanted to wear and I hoped to myself that she would choose the purple one, WHY I will never really know, we were standing at the closet by the front door and she said she wanted "Melissa's grey plaid coat..." So I reached for it and put it on her and buttoned it up, she turned to smile at me and I looked at her and kissed her sweet cheek, then we said we loved each other and those were the LAST words we ever spoke because a couple minutes later she was in Jesus' arms...

Anyway, in my dream ~ Michelle's grey coat was made of fur and not the fabric that it really was. I was hunting for her coat, looking for the fabric coat and FINALLY at the end of the rack was her grey coat ONLY it was made of fur... inside was a key, actually there were about five keys that were all the same size and identical and they were all stacked together neatly and I had to use them to open a safety box, afterwards Michelle put the coat on and wore it beaming with happiness and pride...

To me this dream represented the REALITY of Michelle's NEW "being", that instead of being made of "worldly man made cloth" she is REAL in FUR that is real, (she is in Heaven, the TRUE and real life...) Also, there are five of us in our family and maybe the five keys all stacked together signified we will all end up TOGETHER in Heaven one sweet day...Opening the safe to allow Michelle to wear the fur might have to do with the fact that Heaven opened it's doors for her and to SEE her I needed to unlock those doors with the key.. (The same holds true for the rest of us when we part..) Maybe it was Michelle's way of telling me and reminding me that we will all be together for eternity one day! I woke up and cried, had a good cry saying how sweet Michelle was and how I miss her kind and loving and happy ways... I could just see her so vividly standing so proudly with her big sister's grey coat on, I do believe behind the coat she had outstretched wings!! :)

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~ August 15, 1999 ~

I had the sweetest dream of my baby Michelle and when I awoke this morning it was so vivid...Michelle and I were out grocery shopping together, we were going up and down alot of flights of stairs and taking alot of elevators. Sometimes Michelle was walking on her own, other times she was in a baby stroller or in my shopping cart. We stopped to look at rulers, I told Michelle she had enough of them but then a cute one caught my eye, it was sparkling and had a cute little fuzzy animal head glued to the top with big google eyes, I said we should pick one of them out, they had different faces, they were four cents each! Michelle was about four years old in my dream. At one point a friend of mine was in the elevator with us and she said she needed all her organs transplanted. (Michelle was an organ donor.) Later in the dream Michelle was playing with her friends. I loved this dream as it was so long and Michelle and I were together for so long, it was PRECIOUS...

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~ November 8, 1999 ~

I had a dream last night about Michelle and a HUGE flock of seagulls ~ it was SOOOOO sensational...I dreamt I saw a HUGE flock of seagulls, I mean the largest flock of birds I have EVER seen in my life.. The flock was so large that it covered all the sky as far as I could see...as I looked at them in amazement, my spiritual side told me that this was the flock of seagulls from 1993 and they were migrating and that Michelle had seen them in 1993 for the last time, now they were on their way elsewhere for the winter, as I looked at them in wonder, it touched me DEEPLY that these were seen by Michelle...I HAVE NO IDEA what this dream could have meant, can you help me with this?? IT touched me deeply and when I awoke, which seemed seconds later, I was just totally enthralled in this dream, the birds were all brown looking in their great numbers... I know they don't migrate here anyway, but in my dream they did and it was fall, what year I am not sure.. But I believe it was late fall 1993 right after Michelle had died when this took place in my dream.

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~ July 30, 2000 ~

I had the *sweetest* dream two nights ago, I awoke realizing I dreamt I was going through some things of our daughters, one was a project that Michelle had started but had not yet finished...I was looking at it and thinking how she had parted and could never finish it...next thing in my dream Michelle was right there at the table working on the project and finishing it:-) She was gluing the things onto some little snowmen she had made, it was absolutely precious...I awoke with a smile on my face and feeling like I had *truly* been visited by her....

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~ May 15, 2002 ~

I did have the SWEETEST dream of Michelle I awoke to this morning and it is pretty simple but she was there as real as could be....

I dreamt I was at a movie and there were little merry children all around singing and dancing on what looked like a huge arena of some kind....then at the end of this movie out popped Michelle, she entered the arena and all eyes were on her, she sang a solo and performed somewhat like Shirley Temple with her hands on her cheeks, she was smiling and looking upwards as she sang, her hair was mostly up in a bun with some of her long hair hanging down in the back...she was wearing her favorite light turquoise frilly dress....she was all smiles as she sang "I will always Love you Mother, I see you, I Love You!!!" She was so cute with her hands on her cheeks looking up, sometimes her knees clenched together slightly stooping......I was crying and telling everyone in the theatre, this is my daughter, this is my Michelle Marie!!! I was sooo overjoyed and soooo proud and I was crying uncontrollably with happiness and with having missed her so much...at the end she came to me, just as though it was a live performance and we left together, I was sooo happy..........

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Michelle's Letter To Mommy
"Have Sweet Dreams, Mommy, I just love you so much..."

Those were the last words Michelle wrote to me days before she parted for Heaven. As this picture she made and her note show, above.

I have thought of the over-all meaning of my dreams in general. Michelle is saying that even though she didnít survive in the flesh, she is very much alive "ON THE OTHER SIDE." We as her family have have survived this, even in looking back we couldnít change anything but we survived!

In one dream the "infant" Michelle is caring for is the innocent person who hasnít yet completed their earthly life. It could be me, or anyone she loves and "cares" for. Michelle is reminding me that she is not dead, just as the last Bible verse she memorized in John 10:28-29 says: "And I give them eternal life and they shall never perish..." Michelle is clearly illustrating her SUPPORT for us to GO ON, not give up! In another dream I get the message that even as I look back no one, including myself could change what happened, (Michelleís physical death.) But we all survived the tragedy, Michelle being born to eternal life and us being able to survive here on earth. In one dream it ends literally with my Bible being "saturated" in my car as it stays afloat!

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